1. Attachment button
    Accesses the attachments of the current form. This button can contain PDF and image files (jpg, bmp, etc.). These files must be hooked when adding a form to production.
    No attachments can be added during production.

    It is also possible to link another form to the current one.

  2. Validation button
    Allows you to validate the form to see if all fields are valid.

  3. Archive button
    Lets you archive the current document

  4. Save button
    Exits the current form to save the entered information. If you hold it long enough, it also allows to discard/delete the form.

  5. Form Title
    The title is a mandatory element in order to be able to add a form to be filled in during production. It is programmed during the creation of a form.

  6. Company logo
    The logo of your company at your disposal on all your forms in the upper right corner. The logo can be changed in the Dropbox.

  7. Opening date and time
    The date and time are automatic elements that will feature when the form is first opened. By pressing it, it is possible to change them.

  8. Tags
    All default and additional tags on a form are found here.
    It is also possible to add tags by pressing the "+" to the left of them.

  9. The form
    This part will vary according to the needs in the form.
    The entire form is programmed when the form is created.

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