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Tags are used to define your forms and improve your searches on the Paperless website, but it is mainly to give permissions to your users.

A user to which you give a tag will be able to have access to all the forms that have this tag. Giving multiple tags will allow the employee to have access to multiple forms, assuming those forms contain the given tags.

Tag Type


This tag will always be attached to the form, at every form creation.


This tag will be attached to the form in progress only and will disappear once you create a new form.

How to add a tag

1) Before you add the form in Paperless

⚠️This feature is only available in the iPad version.⚠️

  • On the workspace, tap on the card with the "+";

  • Select which form you want to fill up or the one you want to manage the tags in;

  • Under the name of the form, type in the default and additional tags. Tap on the "+" sign to add tags.

It is possible to modify the default tags only and tap on Back to go back to the form selection. However, it is suggested to add the tags directly in the Excel file also, because if you update your form in the future, it will automatically take the tags within the Excel file and overwrite the ones you have changed in Paperless.

2) Directly on the form

On an existing or new form, you may modify the tags directly on the form.

Under the title, you will see all the default and additional tags that were added during the form's creation. Also, there will be a "+" button that will allow you to add more additional tags to the form, which can be useful if you forgot to add one during creation.

3) During the form creation in Microsoft Excel

While creating the form in an Excel file, type in your default tags in cell A2. The tags need to be in between brackets ([ and ]).

No additional tags can be preprogrammed while creating a form.

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