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In a form in production, tap on the button with the checkbox icon in the top left corner of your screen to activate the form validation:

Validation is Compliant

A green thumbs up icon will appear in the button and indicates that your form is compliant and all the invalidities have been addressed.

Validation is Non-Compliant

A red thumbs down icon will appear in the button and indicates that your form is non-compliant and contains invalid field.

Invalidities disappear when a mandatory field is filled or when limit has been reached in a specific field. For the last possibility, an action must be taken and linking a form to the field will remove the invalidity on it.

Validation through archiving

You may validate a form when you are archiving a form.


Notifications can be used to alert a colleague through an email.
This action will not remove the invalidity, but will allow to send a message to an employee in your company to let him/her know about the current situation.
Notifications don't require any SMTP settings configuration or anything else on your end.
The employees with no valid email addresses as usernames can still use the notification feature, as long as the receiver has a valid email address as a username.

Other Email Functions

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