1. Editor mode menu button

Allows you to access the different options for the Editor mode.

  • Update existing: Allow you to choose an existing form in your system and edit it

  • Add new: Allows you to add a new form to your system

  • Decommission: Allows you to remove a template from your system

2. Attachments button

Allows you to access the attachments of your current form.
The attachments can be PDF files or any image format files.
If the attachments are in the same Dropbox folder as the Excel, they will be automatically attached to the forms.
If you tap on the « + » card, you will be able to link a procedure to the form, which will have to be read and signed by your employees.

3. Validation button

Allows you to validate your form.

4. Save button

Allows you to save the current version you are working on, either as a new form or an update to an already existing one.

5. Editor mode indicator

Allows you to confirm that you are currently in the Editor mode.

6. Exit button

Allows you to leave the Editor mode, without saving the loaded form.
The form is saved directly in the Excel, as the Editor mode is only there to display the Excel and import the forms if needed.

7. The form

Allows you to see and test the form as needed.
Make sure to do all the tests you can do for your form to be efficient in production.

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