You can link files to your forms that will allow your employees to have access to a procedure, an instruction, a work method or even a plan of your facility to help them fill out their forms.

Paperless Forms allow you to link PDF and image (jpeg, bmp, etc.) files to your forms.

You cannot attach files to your forms while in production.

Linked procedure

By dropping PDF and image files in the same folder as the Excel file of your form within your Dropbox, you can link a procedure to a form.

The procedure will automatically be attached to the form when you will import it from the Editor mode and will be available in the attachment button on Paperless Forms (blue button with the chain).

Each update of your files require a new version of the form it is attached to, even though the form has not been modified.

Reference procedure

Compared to the other type of proedure, this one allow you to link one procedure to multiple forms at once.

This will allow you to modify one procedure if needed, without having to manage multiple copies of it, but also have to only overwrite one procedure that will trigger the update whatever it is attached to.

  • Open the desired form in the Editor mode;

  • Tap on the button for the attachments (blue button with the link);

  • Tap on the "+";

  • Search in your Dropbox for one or many files to attach to your form;

  • Tap on Keep up-to-date;

  • Tap on Add.

These procedures can be removed by tapping on the "X" in the Editor mode.
These procedures will require the signature of each employee that have access to the procedure throughout their access to the forms they can fill.

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