1. Website menu

Allows you to see every available sections of the website, along with their icons.

2. Home

Default section of the website.
Allows you to access a search bar to search for your forms using search criteria.

3. Quick search

Allows you to create quick searches in the Home section.
Allows you to create subscriptions from your quick searches.

4. Saved results

Allows you to do a file verification / monitoring.

5. Records

Allows you to see all the signatures of your employees on the documentation you have released.

6. Search bar

Allows you to search for your forms using search criteria.

7. User management

Allows you to manage your users, either it is their roles or accesses.

8. Export my data

Allows you to export your forms in different ways.

9. Company logo

The logo you have added to your Dropbox folder will be displayed there.

10. Currently connected user

Allows you to see who is currently connected on the website.

11. Log off button

Allows you to log off the current session.

12. Intercom

Allows you to access the Intercom system which will give you access to online help from our support team.

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