**This function is not available on the Paperless for Windows version**

To plan a task on a form, it is important that you have created a form on the workspace first.

  • On the workspace, scroll pass your forms until you find the one you want to create a task for;
  • Press or slide the black arrow at the bottom of the form;

Tap on the calendar icon;

  • The card will turn over and you will access to 3 options:

Due For

This option allows you to set a date and time that the task is due for.

Remind me

This option allows you to set a reminder on your iPad/Windows to indicate when the task is due for.
You can enter a numeric value and choose among the 5 following options:

  • Minute(s) before
  • Hour(s) before
  • Day(s) before
  • Week(s) before
  • Month(s) before

Repeat every

This option allows you to set a recurrence on your form.
You have 4 options within this one:

  • Day; with the additional option to choose which days
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year

Once the task is completed, the system will create the next required frequency.

  • Once the task is planned, simply tap on the outside of the card to see all the information about the form. The date and time of the task will feature at the bottom of the form.
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