Validation rule to use

Use the traditional calculations while making sure to put the whole calculation in between parentheses ("(" and ")").

Possible calculation tools:

  • Sum (+)
  • Substraction (-)
  • Multiplication (*)
  • Division (/)
  • Numeric values
  • Fields
  • Columns
  • Additional parentheses

Validation rules available

Regular calculation

Allows to do any calculation as long as it is between two parentheses.

Example: (Field_1 + Field_2)
Example: ((Field_1 + Field_2) / 2)
Example: (Field_1 *5)

Predefined calculation

Allows to do a pre-programmed calculation to get a specific value from a column in a grid. The predefined calculations are:

  • Sum (sum): Allows you to get the total of a specific column
  • Average (avg): Allows you to get the average of a specific column
  • Count (count): Allows you to get the count of a specific column

Example: (sum(Column_1))
Example: (avg(Column_2))
Example: (count(Column_3))

Date/Time calculation

Allows to do a calculation to add or remove a numeric value to a date or a time field.
The date (or time) field must always be first in this kind of calculation.

It is not possible to compared two date (time) fields together.

  • +d: Will add days to a date field
  • +M: Will add months to a date field
  • +y: Will add years to a date field
  • +m: Will add minutes to a time field
  • +h: Will add hours to a time field

Example: (Date_field +d Field_2)
Example: (Date_field + 60)

Keywords available with this validation rule

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