1. Synchronization label

Allows you to see the synchronization status of the device you are using compared to the Cloud server. Multiple messages may be displayed there:

  • Synchronized: It means you are up-to-date with the Cloud server

  • Syncing: It means you are currently syncing with the Cloud server

  • Synchronized [...] ago: It means you are not up-to-date with the Cloud server. Verify your Internet connection as well as the version of your application

2. Name of the active user

Allows you to know which user is currently connected.

3. Log off button

Allows you to log off from your current session.

4. Archive

Allows you to access the archive with all the completed forms.
It is possible that the archive is not available in your system.

5. Magnifying glass

Allows you to filter your workspace using form names and/or tags

6. Card marked with a « + »

Allows you to access the list of all your available templates for Paperless.
You can create new forms using this card.

7. Form cards

Allows you to access in progress forms.
Each card is a form in its entirety.

8. Due for

Allows you to see on which date and time your planned task is due for.

9. Black arrow

Allows you to access the quick actions menu at the bottom of a card.
This menu will show as to up to three options:

10. Documentation

Allows you to access the documentation you need to read and sign.

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