If you don't have access to your Dropbox folder, you should send us a request.

Basic Information

Your Dropbox folder is a free account with 2 GB of free space. All the Excel, Word, PDF and image files that you put in this folder should take a lot before you reach the limit in the folder.
The folder is linked to your Paperless database. All the Excel spreadsheets containing your templates will be editable in the Editor mode, where you will be able to create and update your templates.

The Important Folders

When your Dropbox folder is created, we automatically generate 3 folders, which cannot be renamed, moved, modified or deleted:

  • Lists

  • Logo

  • LoginImages

If those folders would be modified, you could lose access to your external lists, company logo or images that you can see at the login screen on your devices.


Your PDF procedures must be inserted in the Dropbox folder to be available on your Paperless forms.

The Rest

For the remaining space in the Dropbox folder, you can create whatever folder you want. Feel free to create your own folder hierarchy.

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