• On the Paperless website, click on the Home section;
  • Enter search criteria to filter your database and make forms appear depending on your different filters;
  • To avoid entering all your search criteria over and over again, especially if it is a recurrent search, click on the star at the end of the search bar;
  • Give a name to your quick search (or favorite);
  • Optionally, put your quick search in a folder. The website is for everyone who has access to the website under the same database, which means every quick search will be available for any one. Having them in different folders will just indicate who has access to it or for what reason. For example:

    No folder (orange): The quick search will not be put in any folder;
    Created folders (green): The quick search will be put in the selected and created folder;
    Choose another folder (yellow): The quick search will be put in a newly created folder;
  • Click on Save;
  • Once the quick search is created, the star will stay yellow.

When you will go on the Paperless website, you will have a direct access to your quick searches by hovering the Quick Search section in the menu.
You will be able to find and have access your quick searches more easily.

If you click on the star icon in the menu, you will gain access to the quick searches tree.

With a right click, you will be able to:

  • Create subfolders
  • Rename your quick searches
  • Delete your quick searches
  • Move your quick searches in different folders
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