• On the Paperless website, click on the Home section;
  • Enter search criteria to filter your database and make forms appear depending on your different filters;
  • After getting the results you wish to share, click on the second icon on the right, just under the search bar;
  • Type in the email of the person you wish to send the forms to;
  • Click on Share. A green checkmark will indicate the share worked.

The recipient who receives the email will have access to a link that will give him/her access to the shared forms.

The share :

  • Allows access to the forms for 21 days (you cannot change the duration);
  • Allows access to the forms in read only;
  • Does not allow to remove the search criteria entered prior to the share, but can filter more with what is available in the share;
  • Does not allow the access to open a form from the share to the iPad/Windows app;
  • Is your filing cabinet continuously.
    If you share forms for 21 days and your search criteria are not precise enough, it is possible that the recipient see more forms if he/she keeps on looking at the share during that period.

Since Paperless is not managing documentation, if you wish to attach procedures and instructions that are currently linked to your forms, we suggest you send yourself the share, then the email you receive should be forwarded to the right person and you may attach all the right documentation files to the forwarded email. This way, everything will be accessible from the same place. 

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