User Management

1. User Full Name

Allow you to see the employee's full name.

2. Accesses - Adding tags

Allow you to add tags for accesses.

3. Accesses - Tags

Allow you to see the tags the employee have access to.

4. Username

Allow you to see the username the employee should use to log in.

5. Role

Allow you to change the role of the employee.
You may consult the list of available roles with their different permissions.

Adding and editing users

The Paperless team is supporting you with your user management.
Some of the actions are not yet available for you and we invite you to contact us through Intercom on our website to ask us about some of the features we manage:

  • Adding users
  • Deleting users
  • Changing passwords

When you ask us for a new user, make sure you have all the right information for us right away:

  • Full name of user
  • Email of user
    (Please note: You can use a fake email that doesn't exist in your system to create your user. This is all to standardize your system.)
  • Desired password, 4 characters minimum
    (Please note: If no password is given, we will create the user with a generated 4-digit password.)

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