• On the Paperless website, click on the Home section;
  • Enter search criteria to filter your database and make forms appear depending on your different filters;
  • Access the menu and click on the Admin section, then click on the Export my data section;
  • Choose one of the option available.

Export in raw data

Allows you to export your results by merging them in only one Excel for each form of the same name and version.
Great for data analysis.


Allows you to export your data as PDF or to print it.
Printing your forms might require you to change the print settings you have. Some forms cannot be printed, mainly because of their size.

Export in Excel

Allow you to export your data in an Excel format.
Each result will be in its own Excel file and will be displayed as a form would be featured in a Paperless Excel file, each keyword being replaced by the entered data.

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