• On the Paperless website, click on the Home section;
  • Enter search criteria to filter your database and make forms appear depending on your different filters;
  • After getting the results you wish to save, start looking at each of your forms to make sure they are satisfactory for your current file verification;
  • According to your needs, you may click on the iPad icon next to the name of a form to open it on the iPad app from the website and to do some changes or additions.
    You can also create other forms (i.e.: Deviation Forms). In that case, make sure to refresh your page so you may see the additional forms you have just created;
  • Once you have verified all the results, make sure to refresh your page to get the final status of your forms.
    The reason behind this step is to make sure that if during the last step you made modifications or additions to forms, or you archived a form that was "In progress", the "In progress" tag and red bar for invalidities will be removed;
  • Hover over every result to select either if the form is either satisfactory (S) or unsatisfactory (U). If you select neither, the form(s) will be added to the file verification, but as non-applicable (NA);
  • Click on Save, under the search bar;
  • Give a name to your saved results;
  • Dispite being there by default, you may change the date and time of your saved results;
  • Confirm that you have the right amount of satisfactory (green), unsatisfactory (red) and non-applicable (gray) items;
  • Optionally, put your saved results in a subfolder to make them easier to find in the future;
  • Type in a comment for your saved results.
    If you have multiple comments for different forms, you may tap on Enter on your keyboard to do a multi-line comment;

If you don't have a signature on your profile

  • Click on Sign on device.
    Make sure that you are logged on the iPad/Windows app to see the message appear;
  • On your iPad/Windows device, tap on Accept;
  • Type in your password and tap on Continue;
  • Sign in the white square;
  • Tap on Confirm;
  • Return to the website to see your signature being added to the saved results.

If you have a signature on your profile

  • Click on Save.

You will have access to a report for your saved results with all the required information.

All the forms marked with a S and a U will have a footer banner to display the saved results you have made with those forms in it.
The non-applicable ones will never be shown.

If you search again for the same forms, you will see that the S/U have been removed and replaced by a "Verified" tag.
Verified (green): The form was selected satisfactory during its last verification.
Verified (red): The form was selected unsatisfatory during its last verification.
The non-applicables ones will have no additional tag.

You will be able to search with the keyword Not verified to see every form that has not been verified yet.

When you will go on the Paperless website, you will have a direct access to your saved results by hovering the Saved Results section in the menu.
You will be able to find and have access your saved results more easily. 

If you click on the folded sheet icon in the menu, you will gain access to the saved results tree.

With a right click, you will be able to:

  • Create subfolders
  • Rename your saved results
  • Delete your saved results, removing at the same time all traces of the saved results (tag and footerbanner)
  • Move your saved results in different folders
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