Dropbox is used with Paperless Forms in order to manage all your form templates created from your Excel spreadsheets that you put in the Dropbox folder.

The Editor mode, a tool included in Paperless Forms allowing you to see all changes you make to your spreadsheets in real time, targets a Dropbox folder that is unique for each of our clients, in order for all of your files to be in the same location.

In order to get access to the Dropbox folder, an administrator from your company needs to contact our support team and we will send an invitation.

No data compiled in forms in production or in test mode is saved in Dropbox. Only templates of your forms (Excel spreadsheets) are saved and synchronized there.
All the data you compile in your forms in production are saved in an Amazon or Microsoft Cloud server.

The Dropbox folder has 2 GB of free space, which is enough for all the Excel spreadsheets and PDF files of our clients. In the case you would reach the 2 GB limit, we would contact your administrator to add more space. Additional fees might be added when this happen.

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