In order to use the Paperless Forms app effectively, make sure to follow the following good practices.

1. Be at the latest available version

The most important element of proper experience with Paperless Forms is to be at  the latest available version of the application at all times.
We release updates regularly and these can include:

  • Adding features

  • Bug fixes

  • Improved stability throughout the app

When a new version is available, a newsletter is sent to the Paperless project managers via email and via the Paperless website to inform you of its release, but also of what is included in the version.

Despite the fact that a version would not seem interesting to install, make sure to always be at the latest version.

If you're not up to date, make sure your devices are at least all at the same version.

Devices that are not at the same version may not see data or forms completed and/or archived on another device.

The version of Paperless Forms on a device is visible in the lower right corner at the 

*Image of the login screen

2. Internet connection

Although the application works without any Internet connection, it is suggested to have access to an Internet connection at all times in order to perform a continuous and efficient synchronization.

You will still be able to fill out your forms despite a lack of Internet access, but the data will not be synchronized on the Cloud, where the database is. Instead, they will be stored on the device until you get a Wi-Fi signal. By having an Internet connection, when you are on the workspace** after a save or archive of a form, the synchronization of your changes will automatically be pushed to the Cloud where all your data is collected and accounted for.

**Image of the workspace.

3. Save regularly

One of the best practices of Paperless Forms is to regularly save the forms you fill out.

Whether it is a form you fill in every hour or one that you complete once a year, it is important to save continuously throughout the process to ensure that your data is synchronized with the rest of your company, but especially in order to hand over everything to the people in charge of verifying the authenticity of the data entered.

The idea is not to save each entry made, but rather to perform a logical save, such as after filling an entire row in a grid or a bunch of fields in a specific section.

The backup can be done in two different ways:

  • Manually by pressing the red button at the top right of a form. This way of saving allows you to return to the form to continue at a later time.

  • Automatically by pressing the third blue button at the top left of a form (white box icon). This way of saving will archive the form and apply a save automatically.
    You will not be able to get back to the form later, unless you are an Administrator.

Once on the workspace, the synchronization will be start automatically, but only if an Internet connection is available on the device used.

4. Ensure synchronization of the data entered

When you have finished entering your data, make sure that it is sent to the people in charge of checking it. In order for everything to be synchronized in due form, you must ensure that:

  1. Save or archive the form(s);

  2. Be on the workspace in an area of the establishment where an Internet connection is available. Do not close or turn off the device if there is no Internet connection otherwise the data will remain on the device until a new connection to the app, possibly causing a delay in receiving the data for the Administrators.

5. Disconnect from your session when not using

When you're not using the Paperless Forms application, it is important to make sure you log out of your session to prevent another employee from using your session.

This step is also suggested to allow a good synchronization, since it is automatically launched at each connection.

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