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In order to ensure that the Paperless Forms application functions correctly in your environment, make sure to whitelist the following addresses and ports to use the various services offered with our application without complications.


To connect on the database and ensure a good sync:

Paperless Website

To ensure a good sync between the devices using the Paperless Forms app and the Paperless Forms website:


⚠️Only for clients using Dropbox as their file manager in Paperless Forms.⚠️

To ensure the proper functioning of the Editor mode in Paperless Forms:

APNS Notifications

For specific features within the Paperless Forms app and website, such as signature requests and document opening from the website onto the app.

Open in TCP all following ports at the address

  • 5233

  • 2195

  • 2196

  • 443


For storage and access of all procedures and attachments linked to forms in Paperless Forms:

For the BI connections (Business Intelligence):


For the errors logs in Paperless Forms:


⚠️For iPad only.⚠️

To be able to send notifications through the iPad's AppCenter:


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