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Data Backup

There is a complete backup of all the data every 24 hours, with a life cycle of 90 days.

All backups are stored on Amazon Web Service S3 and a copy is stored on one other availability zone.

Data Durability

All the data is on an EFS system (Elastic File System) which is connected to our databases' servers. The EFS system allows to manage easily the data as well as centralize it.

This type of system is flexible and allow us not to manage the storage size because it is elastic.

Data Lifetime

The data is stored and accessible without any date and/or time limit.

They are also not archived after a certain time, making them unavailable.

Data Ownership

All data entered and compiled in Paperless Forms is the property of our clients.

In the event that the use of our services were to end, you would be asked to extract the data as soon as possible so that we can close the database.

The database is closed only after data extraction and/or we came to an agreement with the client.

Local Redundancy of the Data

The Paperless Forms app has a local redundancy by default.
All iPads and Windows devices using the app offer a continuous local redundancy despite any problem that may arise.

In the case a server would stop working, the local redundancy done by the devices would allow you to keep using the app without any problem, except for the replication towards the Paperless Forms website.

In the case no server would be available at all and we would have to create one from scratch, all devices using Paperless Forms would recreate the database automatically themselves.

Services Availability

All Paperless Forms services are monitored with an alert system that allow us to quickly detect if one of our services is not functional and restart it automatically.

This allow the database service, the website and the search system to stay available.

Data Availability

All the data is part of the alert system that allow you to have access to it at all time.

The accumulation of data is done in Paperless Forms to access any data you may need, no matter how many forms you may have and this, throughout the years.
There is no time limit to view and access your forms.

Security of Database Connections

Data is transmitted via HTTPS. All data in transit is encrypted without exception.

Only the development team and authorized network administrators have access to the databases for maintenance and management purposes.


We are currently using:

  • Amazon EC2: Server infrastructure

  • Amazon S3: Logs and backups

  • Amazon EFS: Databases

  • Azure Blob Storage: Procedures and attachments on forms


Consult our list of addresses to whitelist in your system to ensure Paperless Forms to work without any issues.

Data Recovery

In case of data loss, please see if your forms has not been deleted by a user.

You can search on the Paperless Forms website using the Deleted search criteria to find all delated forms by a user, and you can restore them if needed.

No data can be permanently deleted except by the intervention of our development team, directly in the database, and only when there is a specific request from the customer. This must be approved at several levels beforehand.

In case a form has not been found:

  • In the app on a device;

  • On the Paperless Forms website in a regular search;

  • On the Paperless Forms website while searching for deleted forms;

You can contact our support team and we will conduct an audit trail on your database to find out what happened.

In an extreme situation, a database backup (done every 24 hours) will be used to recover data from the previous day.

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